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Ruins of the Church of St Augustine, Goa

Date: 30th Dec 2017

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Fee: None.

Timing:  None. Best is between sunrise and sunset.

Distance: 600 Kms one way.

Parking: Available.

Food: Small snack available.

Photography: Allowed.

Other attractions nearby: Gateway of Adil Shah PalaceChurch of St. CajetanViceroy's ArchSt. Francis of Assisi Church and few more.

The church was built by Augustine Friars in 1602. The Augustine friars of the order of St. Augustine reached Goa in 1587.  The church was considered one of the three greatest Augustinian church of the Iberian kingdom. The church built on Monte Santo, Holly hill is now in ruins and only 46m tall tower is left out. The four storey tower once served as belfry formed part of the facade. The Church had eight chapels, four altars and a convent. The church is dedicated to Our Lady of Grace. The complex and other churches in old Goa are part of UNESCO world heritage site.

The complex was abandoned in 1835. Its believed that the deadly epidemics that hit old Goa led the friars to abandon the church. Its also said the Portuguese government evicted many religious orders. The complex went into decay due to lack of maintenance, the main vault collapsed in 1842 and part of facade in 1931. The church bell was first moved to Aguada fort and then to Immaculate conception church in Panjim.

Few pics from the complex.

Though in ruins the remaining tower and the complex can help tourist visualize how once the largest building in Goa stood.

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